FJAAK [DJ Set] Helena Hauff KiNK [live] Jayda G Or:la Optimo Arista Hammer KI/KI Kojaque Gemma Dunleavy Aby Coulibaly Sunil Sharpe Saoirse Sally C B2B Cromby Tommy Holohan Space Dimension Controller Kaidi Tatham Phil Kieran Timmy Stewart + JMX r.kitt Jordan Nocturne Bobby Analog Myler Holly Lester Carlton Doom Cailin Mark Blair Twitch Mount Palomar [live] Kessler Swoose Marion Hawkes BLOOM Inside Moves Kwame Daniels Sputnik One Schmutz Emby Leo Miyagee Daire Percboi 3000 [live] High Hoops Korova Plain Sailing Nez Cartin Blark Crock Cyence Moodtrax Dallas DJ Dart DJ Farhannah Imnotyourmate Brien Dena Anu$ka Crilli Nikki O AeronXTC B2B TainT

About the festival

AVA Festival is a cutting-edge house and techno music festival in the Northern Ireland capital of Belfast. 

After having to take a year off in 2020, AVA returns to the city in 2021 ready to pick up where it left off with another weekend in the company of the dance scene's most innovative artists.

AVA Festival is built around five core pillars – forward thinking lineups, artist development, high production values, a commitment to visual arts and community – and AVA's September 2021 edition will deliver on all five.

Not sure what to take with you on your tour to the festival in order to have a good rest?