Korn Airbourne Deftones

About the festival

Picturesque French Provence is illuminated with heavy riffs every year, but only for 3 days. And these 72 hours are completely devoted to one of the best heavy music festivals in Europe - Hellfest!

In order not to miss such a phenomenon of nature and the main gathering place for individuals of European metalists - keep track of the news about the availability of tickets from VizitTravel in advance. Traditionally, all tickets fly out in a matter of hours (if not minutes) even BEFORE the line-up is announced - this is how high the credit of trust and interest in this festival among the world public!

Several scenes, colorful evening lighting, a Ferris wheel, daily fire shows, a delicious food court - these are all pleasant and atmospheric additions to the amazing annual line-up!

TRAVEL ROUTE (4 days) 

Day One 07:00 - Depart early in the morning by group fan bus from Paris to Hellfest. Three days Hellfest 2020 

Fourth day 06:00 - Group pick up and departure by bus to Paris, arrival after 14:00.

The times are approximate, we recommend booking flights with sufficient time margin. 


ATTENTION! To travel, you need a valid passport and a Schengen visa. 

A visa, since 2015, is issued at the consulate or visa center at the place of your registration. For a visa, you need to be fingerprinted. Therefore, the tourists themselves apply for a visa. For our part, we help with documents for a visa and advise on where and how to get it, etc.

What do you have to pay extra for? 

You must have a passport and a Schengen visa, we will help you with the preparation of the necessary documents, but according to the rules, you independently apply for a visa due to the need to take prints at the consulate (visa center)! For those who have already made a visa in 2015 and submitted their prints, re-surrender is not required (within 5 years from the moment of taking prints) !!! 


Have you decided to spend extra days in Paris? No problem! we will find for you a comfortable hotel in the city center a few days before and / or after Hellfest.

Flights - we will calculate the most convenient flight option from your city to Paris and back on the dates you specified!

Pocket expenses: how much to take with you? On the recommendation of the EU border services, you must have at least 50 EUR / day on hand. You can also have with you just a credit card or any bank card, but still 50 euros is really close to the amount you need for 1 day of the tour. Attention: the Hellfest festival uses a cashless paymet system with replenishment of the balance on a special card. The remaining amount is NOT refundable by the organizers, be careful when calculating your budget.