About the festival

Iceland Airwaves is an immersive, multi-genre music festival held across a multitude of venues in the country's capital, Reykjavík. 

Drawing parallels with famed US showcase event South by Southwest, this festival showcases hundreds of acts ranging from unheard-of up-and-comers to headline status stars, ranging from established international talent to the country's rich melting pot of domestic rising stars.

Now over 20 years old, Iceland Airwaves is getting back to its roots, putting on shows in everything from bars and bookshops to theatres and concert halls, set during the time of the year where Iceland gets only a few hours of sunlight; Iceland's capital transforms into a musical treasure hunt. 

Meeting the Keychange initiatives goal of a 50/50 gender split years ahead of the targeted date, the festival's ethos is as forward-thinking as music on show.

Not sure what to take with you on your tour to the festival in order to have a good rest?