About the festival

Immergut Festival is multi-genre music festival in Neustrelitz, Germany, promoting their commitment to creativity and unique talent for over two decades now.

For those 20 years, Immergut Festival has opened the domestic festival season with a meticulously curated roster of artists with exciting careers ahead of them and trailblazers of international scale, matching the explorative dispositions of the 5,000 festival-goers that return each May. 

It's not only the impeccable lineup that keeps people returning; enveloped within the tranquil lakes and pine forests of Mecklenburg Lake District, its locale mirrors the festival's explorative, but easy-going sentiment.

One thing Immergut Festival makes certain, is that you'll be leaving with a refreshed list of favourite artists.

Not sure what to take with you on your tour to the festival in order to have a good rest?