About the festival

New Year’s Twice is an event where the attendees will celebrate the 2021 New Year’s Eve two consecutive nights in Auckland (New Zealand) and Honolulu thanks to the 23 hours time difference. 

Party-goers will be treated to a New Year’s Eve party in Auckland, before flying out to Honolulu on a chartered flight on January 1st 2022 at 8:30 AM, where they will travel back in time 23 hours to land at 6:00 PM on December 31st 2021 and celebrate the new year all over again.

After this epic two night party, event-goers will spend a week in Hawaii with more parties and other organised activities such as hikes, boat trips and sightseeing tours. 

Tickets include round trip charter flights, parties on four nights, group activities, and accommodation for seven nights in a four-star hotel in Waikiki. Celebrating New Year's Eve twice in two nights is the ultimate bucket list experience, and this is the first ever event to do it on a large scale.

Not sure what to take with you on your tour to the festival in order to have a good rest?