Benny Rodrigues B2B De Sluwe Vos Chelina Manuhutu Chris Stussy Jesse Maas Joey Daniel Luuk van Dijk Prunk B2B Michel de Hey Wouter S B2B Samuel Deep Frenna Josylvio Jonna Fraser Dopebwoy Kris Kross Amsterdam Freddy Moreira Yung Felix Flava Rino Sambo Devarsity Brody Fox Comrade Winston Amber Egbert [live] Juan Sanchez Mirella Kroes Secret Cinema Guilty Irwan Juvanice Rewind Allstars Team TNT Walter Looks Hosted by MC D-JAY Alex Rueda Dida King Eyal Ome Kev Swissa Honey SST Reinders DJ Sjeila Hill Tom Push

About the festival

Summerpark Festival is an electronic and hip hop music festival held in Almere, The Netherlands. Just 20 minutes from the capital, Amsterdam, this is the perfect setting for a summer festival fit, with picturesque surroundings, including a beach. 

Summerpark annually invite national and international artists to their six stages, curating a lineup fit to burst with talent across an array of subgenres. 

When you’re not dancing there are still plenty of activities with an array of visual arts areas and food and drink stalls, while the SummerPark Festival 2021 lineup features the likes of Benny Rodrigues, De Sluwe Vos and Kris Kross Amsterdam.

Not sure what to take with you on your tour to the festival in order to have a good rest?