Black Coffee David Morales Detroit Swindle Djeff DJ Spen DJ Spinna Folamour Karizma Kenny Dope Kerri Chandler Motor City Drum Ensemble Mr. Scruff Roger Sanchez Children Of Zeus [live] Dan Shake David Harness DJ Angelo Frankie Feliciano GE-OLOGY Harry Romero Jamie 3:26 Lakuti Lazare Hoche Lefto Manoo Natasha Diggs Rich Medina Romare Sadar Bahar Session Victim [live] Waajeed William Djoko Terry Hunter presents The Chosen Few DJs Chicago Wayne Williams Terisa Griffin (Live PA) Mike Dunn Alan King Afshin Craig Smith Eddy Ramich Frankey & Sandrino Greg Gauthier Helen Ting Kristen Knight Melon Bomb Minco Natasha Kitty Katt Neil Pierce Rocco Souldynamic Young Pulse Abel Adam Gibbons Ben Brophy Bob Masters Brandon Block Brian Power C'amille Cee Colin Williams David Bailey Davide Fiorese DJ Bigger Get Down Edits Gordon Mac Lil Stevie mikeDA Ricky Morrison Ronnie Herel Salah Ananse Samba La Casa Sol Brown Step Daw & Arthur Lastmann Terry Jones The Journey Men

About the festival

SuncéBeat is a Croatian house and disco music festival, held each summer inside the stunning Garden Resort in the coastal town of Tisno.

A boutique festival, SuncéBeat curates an expertly crafted lineup of house, disco, funk and R&B gems, showcased at this sun-drenched corner of paradise. Across its week of parties, festival-goers will be able to dance their days – and nights – away beachside, as well as aboard boat parties on the clear blue Adriatic sea. 

So whether you're enjoying afternoon pints in the scenic town of Tisno, sipping cocktails at the beach stage or dancing under the stars until sunrise, you can be sure you'll be leaving Croatia with many more memories than you touched down with.

Not sure what to take with you on your tour to the festival in order to have a good rest?