About the festival

UADA Lisbon 2022

Amazing Events is back with two exclusive dates for the RETRAVERSING THE VOID EUROPEAN TOUR 2022 from the North-Americans Uada. One of the most recent references to black metal from the other side of the ocean, which premiered in 2016, continues to involve a mystical nature, which belongs to this musical genre and is currently at the height of its performance! The band will perform on April 21st, in RCA Club in Lisbon and on April 22nd, in Metalpoint, in Porto (very limited tickets).

The first part of both concerts will be feature Okkultist, a band founded in 2016. The project of blackened death metal captured the attention to be one of the first editions of Alma Mater Records, editor who served as helmsman Fernando Ribeiro dos Moonspell.

Not sure what to take with you on your tour to the festival in order to have a good rest?