Sports Team Biig Piig Palace The Big Moon Nine8 Steam Down Olivia Dean Afriquoi Emma-Jean Thackray Jelani Blackman Sinead O Brien Billie Marten Flamingods Theon Cross Do Nothing Bessie Turner Talk Show Chartreuse Barney Artist Marlowe Kofi Stone I SEE RIVERS Tertia May Gaffa Tape Sandy PVA Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard Connie Constance Bleach Lab Deep Tan The Mysterines FEET Bad Nerves Bull Girls of the Internet Ed The Dog PYJÆN Ajimal KEYAH/BLU CMAT Press to MECO Wasuremono Bamily JOHN Sam Johnson Malady Nuha Ruby Ra Honey Mooncie Fehdah DITZ BINA. Lime Garden Allman Brown Folly Group Rosie Frater-Taylor Speedboat LICE Tony Njoku Grandmas House Team Picture Odd Morris Rosehip Teahouse Make Friends Maya Law Freya Roy Tinyumbrellas Anorak Patch Beach Riot Mona Vale CRASHFACE Dingus Khan Regressive Left Ugly Sad Boys Club Victors Raquel Martins Elisa Imperilee Drones Jas Kayser Clara Mann China Bears Other Half Mumble Tide Jelly Cleaver HANYA Gen and the Degenerates All Day Breakfast Cafe The New Coast Mali Hayes Vanity Fairy Be Good Out of Love Low Girl SPQR New Pagans Native Harrow Sunny Bones Floral Image G. Williams Latekid x Avenhue Nebula Sin Wife Swap USA Ghetto Orange Sam Eagle Amber Burgoyne Hex Friends Hongza Green Gardens Porteous Kyanos Sandcastle Jesus Alice-Lily Sleemo Kulk Kitty Perrin Emily Parish Hamburger Momma Cutting Ties Suds Wreck Lemondaze Hugo Z Molly Willis Bug Teeth APHRA Malana Harry D. Cranberry Misa Masked Marcus Slow Business Donkey O.T. Gail Yellowlees Pretty Terry Joe MIllett Soaked in the Rabbits Jora the Fortune Teller Nova Soon Pleasureinc.

About the festival

Wild Paths Festival is a multi-venue, independent music festival in Norwich, inviting over 200 artists to perform across 20 of the city centre's finest venues. 

October 2021 will see it return with another weekend of events taking over all Norwich's best-loved music venues and showcasing an eclectic mix of emergent and established artists.

But it isn't just about the music at Wild Path's Festival. On 14th and 15th October there'll be a full programme of conferences and panels – including group sessions and industry speed dating – as well as all kinds of other experiences to get involved in, such as supper clubs, networks events and themed afterparties. 

Not sure what to take with you on your tour to the festival in order to have a good rest?