Vizit Travel & ndash; Legal entity LLC RCC. Our mission is & ndash; this is the provision of demanded and high-quality services to our customers.

We perform the role of an agency, provide services on the basis of your order (application) from the Client.

If you need tickets for a concert, festival or other event, you can contact us and we will order tickets for you.

Orders for tickets for sports and entertainment events, including those for foreign concerts and festivals, are executed only at 100% payment.

In the event of a sold-out announcement (full sale of tickets for an event) in official sources, the cost of tickets differs from the face value and they are purchased from our partners!

Today there are two types of tickets for concerts and festivals - paper and electronic (pdf format). Tickets of the first type can be obtained:

& ndash; in our office ( address );

& ndash; order delivery of tickets, we deliver only through courier mail (door to door);

& ndash; get tickets on our bus from the accompanying manager;

Tickets of the second type can be received by e-mail specified in the order, only after signing the receipt.

No refunds for lost, damaged, unused tickets for sports and entertainment events (concerts, festivals and other events) are made according to global rules.

There is no exchange or replacement of a ticket purchased for the Customer for sports and entertainment events, and no refunds are made for it.

We can accept your ticket, if you refuse it, for a commission for subsequent sale, only if it was not sent to you! In this case, the price and conditions are negotiated with you individually!

We are not responsible in the following cases:

& ndash; if you could not go to the concert and did not use the ticket;

& ndash; if due to the lack of proper documents or violation of the rules of conduct in public places, by a decision of the authorities or responsible persons, you are denied the possibility of leaving the country or entering the country.

& ndash; for a delay in the delivery of tickets for sports and entertainment events, we guarantee that tickets will be issued to you 1 day before the start of the event.

& ndash; for the postponement or cancellation of the event specified in the purchased ticket by the Customer, but if such a situation arises, We will help you to issue a refund of the amount of the ticket face value, if any by the organizers of the event;

& ndash; for tickets to sports and entertainment events and / or postponement and / or cancellation of the event specified in the purchased ticket by the Customer, if the Customer purchased, tickets after the announcement of the close of sale on the official ticket distribution website (Soldout).

& ndash; for violation of the rules and requirements established by the organizers of the event and, as a result, the refusal to visit the event to the Customer.

Please pay attention to this when purchasing tickets for sports and entertainment events!


Vizit Travel Company acts with all buyers on the basis of the Offer Agreement and we draw your attention to the fact that these rules are only an extract from the agreement, which is drawn up with each client after receiving an application from him in the form of an Order, which contains information about the buyer, purchased services and their cost. Read the text of the Offer Agreement here.