About the festival

Ecaussysteme Festival is a multi-genre festival held in the small French village of Gignac in summer 2021. However, as the name suggests, this is more than just a music festival, with the organisers focussing on how they can lower the impact of their festivals and become more green. 

Between concerts, there are panels and activities for all ages, with topics such as sustainability and fair trade being among the favourites. They aim to help their participants discover and understand how they are impacting the planet and what they can do to help their future. 

The lineups are also sought after, with an array of artists from a collection of different genres to entertain those who are trying to save the planet, another focus is to bring up underground artists to mix with the French legends already in the limelight. 

Not sure what to take with you on your tour to the festival in order to have a good rest?