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About the festival

The iconic German metal festival Wacken Open Air 2020 invites heavy music lovers! The festival has already established itself well as not just concerts with great bands, but as a space for metal parties from all over the world!

The recruitment for our signature bus tour to the world's most famous metal festival #Wacken has already started, if you want to quickly fence your place, you need to hurry! The number of places is limited, and a lot of people will go on a mega-trip in a noisy company.

We have an 8-day bus tour full of noise and frenzy, pleasant company, rest on the ferry, visiting Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen and many other cities on the way to the Wacken festival

Traveling with Vizit Travel is fun, cheerful and RELIABLE, we are the only official representative of the festival in Russia, and we always have guaranteed tickets! Our company is more than 13 years old, we have accumulated experience and knowledge to make your trip enjoyable!

It is FAVORABLE with us - we will book and postpone tickets for you, accepting a prepayment of only 14,000 rubles, the rest of the money can be paid in installments throughout the year - it is convenient and within the power of everyone, because does not put pressure on your pocket!

TRIP ROUTE (8 days)

The first day, at 06.30 am Gathering and departure from St. Petersburg (not far from the Moscow railway station)
We drive towards the border for about 2.5-3 hours ... passing the border, stopping for breakfast. 14:00 - Arrival in Helsinki. Walking around the city, enjoying the local foam, sightseeing! 17:00 - Ferry from Helsinki to Stockholm
The second day, 10-00 Arrival in Stockholm, We walk around the city, see its sights, visit the Royal Palace, the museum of one VASA ship, General collection at 16:00 departure towards Germany, through Denmark.
The third day, Arriving at Wacken early in the morning, looking for a comfortable place for tents, who lives in the hotel travels with us to the hotel. Three days of the WACKEN festival.
The sixth day, 07:00 - general collection, we go through Copenhagen to Stockholm. At about 14:00, stop for a couple of hours in Copenhagen, explore Tivoli Park, look at the Little Mermaid, go to the Museum of Military History, general collection at 19:00 departure to Stockholm.
Seventh day, 12:00 - Estimated time of arrival in Stockholm, Free time. 20:00 departure by ferry to Turku, the ancient capital of Finland.
Eighth day, 09:00 - Arrival in Turku. Bus transfer to St. Petersburg, approximate time 21:00 - Arrival. End of the tour.

ATTENTION! To travel, you will need a valid passport and a Schengen visa.

A visa, since 2015, is issued at the consulate or visa center at the place of your registration. For a visa, you need to be fingerprinted. Therefore, the tourists themselves apply for a visa. For our part, we help with documents for a visa and advise on where and how to get it, etc.

What do you have to pay extra for?

You must have a foreign passport and a Schengen visa, we will help you with the preparation of the necessary documents, but according to the rules, you independently apply for a visa due to the need to take prints at the consulate (visa center)! For those who have already made a visa in 2015 and handed in prints, re-surrender is not required (within 5 years from the moment of taking prints) !!!

You can order in advance on the ferry buffet meals, it includes an unlimited amount of food and drinks: breakfasts and dinners - of course, you can order them yourself on the ferry, but by ordering them from us, you are guaranteed to get to dinner, because sometimes, due to the large number of people interested, although the buffet works on the ferry in several shifts, the seats are limited.

Since the bus tour starts in St. Petersburg, you will need to arrive at the point of departure. You can buy tickets to St. Petersburg on your own or order them from us. The bus departure point is 5 minutes from the Moscow railway station.

You will definitely need money for lunches and dinners during 8 days of the trip and for the purchase of various merchandise! On the recommendation of the EU border services, you must have at least 50 euros / day on hand. You can also have with you just a credit card or any bank card, but still 50 euros is really close to the amount you need for 1 day of the tour.